Jim Stolze

Jim Stolze is a tech-entrepreneur and co-founder of the Aigency platform, which he uses to link Dutch AI start-ups to multinationals. Also, he teaches Entrepreneurship in Data Science at the University of Amsterdam (UvA) and JADS (Tilburg). He is active as an innovation expert for RTLZ and Singulariy University. 

Jim rose to fame as the face for TED.com and founder of TEDxAmsterdam. He wrote the book “Uitverkocht – Welkom in de aandachtseconomie (Sold out – welcome to the attention economy)” and pulled the ropes at a few of the biggest websites of the Netherlands (Startpagina.nl and NU.nl) between 2003-2008.

Who is afraid of AI at the workplace?

Artificial Intelligence: science fiction to one, a direct threat to another or a hype that will burst like a bubble. It doesn’t have to be any of that if we understand AI and learn how to work with it. Jim Stolze takes away the mystery around AI and shows how AI will make life easier for everyone; at home and at work.

What role do supporting services have in the preparation of their organisation for arrival of AI? How can everyone start today with working with AI? With enthusiasm, a bit of humour, but mostly with lots of examples and knowlegde, Jim shows the way.