Joost Wapenaar

As a service management consultant, Joost specializes in knowledge management. In his consultancy work, he integrates knowledge management into the call management process, thus ensuring that employees can be self-reliant.

Joost is a big believer in people’s self-reliance; people prefer to find the answers to their questions themselves as opposed to asking for help. This tendency is seen amongst employees within a service department, between back office and front office, and between customers and service desk employees.

Knowledge, the key to success

Do you believe in the power of self-reliance? Do you want your customers to become self-reliant as well, and ensure that your employees continue to develop themselves? If so, put knowledge management front and centre within your organisation.

With this presentation, Joost illustrates the future role of knowledge management for support departments. He shares success stories of customers who have put knowledge management front and centre. He also gives you concrete tools to immediately implement this approach within your own organization.