Maarten van Kesteren

As an Interim manager, Maarten puts the IT-professional first when restructuring and optimizing IT-serviceorganisations.

Since his studies in Marketing- and Organization sciences, Maarten has been working for IT organizations for over 12 years and has lead both technical management teams and service-oriented teams. 

With his vision on Service Excellence as a starting point, Maarten developed the VVE-servicesmodel. This model brings Service Excellence back to the core, what helps professionals to continually improve their services. 

Service Excellence; the art of daily putting effort in the ever-changing world of customer expectations with use of the VVE-servicesmodel.

In the most vision documents and year plans, the customer is put central. But, how to integrate this vision into your daily services? How can the services provide in the need and expectations of the customers in this ever-changing world? 

Service Excellence has become a complex unity and Maarten uses his VVE-services model to bring SE back to the core. With practical examples, such as Personal P1, Maarten will clarify how to directy apply the VVE model to your own organisations during SEE2018.  As a result, you will be able to improve your internal services and be able to actually add value for your customers or endusers.