Marco Gianotten

Marco Gianotten is the CEO of and creative mastermind behind research firm GiarteHe writes blogs, gives presentations, and triggers shifts in the thinking surrounding IT. As the founder of the Xperience Level Agreement and author of the book Digital Empathy; When Tech Meets Touchhe  demonstrates how to achieve what really counts: impact. 

Nice and specific with XLA

Xperience Level Agreement started as a countermovement in the fight against so-called ‘watermelon’ SLAs. These SLA’s result in green scorecards at first glance, while customers are red-faced with frustration on the inside. XLA has since grown into a widely supported methodology and ITSM solutions for measuring and working towards a proper experience. Marco takes you on a whirlwind tour of how to use XLA and focusses on those KPIs that really make a differenceAnother special aspect of this day is the launch of XLA for TOPdesk. The future of service excellence? Feel is the new killer app!