Mark Butterhoff

Mark is a management consultant, interim and program manager. He has implemented several larger change processes. Mark is also the co-founder of i-INC and the owner of IT Performance Lab. Before that, he was employed for twelve years at, amongst others, KPMG Management Consulting. In the past seventeen years he studied and advised 75 companies in 17 countries on their IT functioning. Mark also is the co-founder of the publication ‘De IT kersensensatie.’ And teaches at the TIAS, NOVI. 

How to make IT more valuable for the business

How trust and experiences of the business make a loyal customer.  

Digital transformation, working agile, cost reduction and profit margins, legacy, innovation, cybersecurity and law and legislation ask a lot from IT organisations. At the same time, the IT departments are seen as slow and rigid departments that usually go their own way and frequently have “no” for an answer, causing an image problem. This makes it difficult for IT to show their added value and be an actual ‘partner’ of the business and to be seen as the partner they would like to be. IT searches for solutions in new methods such as LEAN IT. IT4IT, Agile, DevOps, SAFE etc, or with the use of the 45-year-old method Business- IT Allignment. Meanwhile, the businesses look for their answers externally and in the Cloud. During this interactive session, Mark Butterhoff will go back to the basis of what value is, the way IT and her methods currently give substance to the definition of value and how this can be changed while living up to the wishes and demands of the business and her customers.