Meet our partners

We connect, process and inform within your TOPdesk integrations landscape. Whether it comes to synchronizing assets, exchange time-related TOPdesk information with your accountants or the maintenance of room bookings in your agenda, we can help you with a uniform and simple way of processing data. This way-of-working helps you getting structural insight into the integration landscape around TOPdesk. Via our dashboard it is easy getting insight; administrators and users can easily do this themselves, without any direct help from IT. An important ingredient for the quality of integration is commitment. Together, we work for the right integrations. 


Consolidated Consolidated Services is active in the domain of Business IT alignment and focuses on solutions to optimize control of (IT) service chains. We’re offering a unique Cloud based solution in the Dutch market to enable automated multi-party Service Collaboration. This solution is called ITSM ecosystem. ITSM ecosystem is ready-to-use, fast-to-implement, easy-to-manage and a cost-effective solution that enables a whole new service management ecosystem connecting service provider’s, service buyer’s, subcontractor’s and partner’s service management tools and processes making service integration and management (SIAM) possible. Meet us at SEE 2018 October 2th 2018!

Nexthink is a global leader in digital experience management. Our product allows enterprises to create highly productive digital workplaces for their employees by delivering optimal end-user experience. Through a unique combination of real-time analytics, automation and employee feedback across all endpoints, Nexthink helps IT teams meet the needs of the modern digital workplace. 


OGD ict-diensten (OGD IT services) is a Dutch IT service provider. From our five offices, over 1,200 ambitious and highly educated professionals specialize in the fields of IT infrastructure, service management and software development. Within these areas of expertise, we help our customers by means of staffing, outsourcing, IT projects, and consulting.

The Backbone is a Dutch IT-service provider that focuses on the architecture, set-up, and support of IT-monitoring solutions. Microsoft SCOM and OMS are core products, with End-to-End monitoring as a specialization. One of our key products is The TOPdesk Connector. The TOPdesk Connector is used to integrate SCOM and PRTG with the incident management process of TOPdesk. Our goal is to create added value for our customers with IT-automation products and high-end consultancy to fulfil their information needs. To accomplish this, we have a tight-knit, experienced and intelligent team of professionals. We work closely together with the University of Twente.  


Delftware Consulting helps organizations focus on the core business by helping supporting departments getting things in order. Smart processes, useful tooling and satisfied employees make sure real added value is delivered. Delftware consulting consists of young, experienced consultants that manage on operational level, act on tactical level and consult on strategic level and from this position they help organization take the next step.

We, at Mapiq, look to redefine the ‘smart building’ and test its limits. Our unified cloud-based platform helps you optimize your workspace and uncover the true potential of your people. Mapiq turns a dull office building into a state-of-the-art workplace. Mapiq’s modular structure allows us to add new functionality, data sources, and technology. It is not just static software – It is a fully flexible platform. By adding various products we give employees a great day at work (find team members, the best workplaces, meeting rooms etc.). For facility managers, we provide unparalleled insights into housing demands.

When outsourcing work across organizational boundaries, you quickly lose the overview. With Worcade as a collaboration platform for customers and suppliers, you keep in control within your own TOPdesk environment. Via Worcade you can easily and securely share incidents from TOPdesk with others, but you keep in control of own data and progress. We call this shared ticketing. This is the new way of collaboration between different organizations about one specific incident.

Savision integrates TopDesk with SCOM, PRTG, Nagios, Azure and AWS to optimize your IT service delivery, prevent problems, and reduce service downtime. We reduce alert noise and forward only critical end-user impacting issues into TopDesk as an incident making your helpdesk users more pro-active.

Joost is driven organization specializing in IT Service Management and Tooling. Every day we help organizations perform their primary tasks. Challenge and job satisfaction, personal development and providing added value we take for granted. Joost consists of real team players who work hard and with pleasure. This requires a basic attitude characterized by flexibility, creativity, fun and decisiveness. We recognize ourselves in terms of thinking outside the box, a positive and at the same time critical attitude towards our environment and continuously wanting to “unburden” our customers. We dare to proudly say; we are good at that.

BeSense is the independent open IoT-platform developed by Heijmans in cooperation with many partners including CSU. BeSense operates as a self-steering, independent and fresh team. BeSense provides insights of the actual usage of your premises, which is immediately translated into ease of use. Every building we equip will start talking to you immediately. By recording these ‘conversations’ your building will grow smarter every day! 

Tools4ever’s Identity Management solutions are used by over 5000 organizations globally, with an install base of over 500 in the Netherlands.  Tools4ever helps organizations with Identity Management:  Single Sign-On, Self-Service password reset, access management, and strong authentication.  Tools4ever has a large portfolio of user account management solutions including: provisioning, workflow management, service automation, and access governance (roll-based access). Our solutions help organizations keep control over access to information, and keep IT efficient and effective.