Patrick van Geffen

Patrick van Geffen has a background in both  mechanical engineering and business administration. He has much experience in datadriven management and maintenance as LEAN Black Belt or manager of B&O organizations. At the moment, he is Program Manager of Strukton PULSE and of the implementation of SAP CRM.  

Do I really want to know? Challenges in healthy, social, sustainable datadriven services.

More and more information is available; every minute, every hour, about everything. Big data about our own behavior and the buildings we work in. But, do we want to know all of this? The influence of the work environment on health, productivity and energy use and on the effect on the environment can be reported transparantly. However, digitalization and IOT are not a purpose on their own. Strukton Worksphere uses big data to improve sustainability, reduce costs and optimalize workplaces.  

Patrick van Geffen en Marc Kooij talk about this digital transition with the use of practical examples, experiences and challenges. With the help of the analyses platform Strukton PULSE, hospitals, schools and offices have become more sustainable, energy-efficient, comfortable and healthier.