Peter Hinssen

Entrepreneur, advisor, keynote speaker and author Peter Hinssen is a thought leader on radical innovation, leadership and the impact of all things digital on society and business.

He lectures at various business schools, such as the London Business School (UK) and MIT in Boston (US), and has given numerous keynote speeches around the world. For example, those for Google, Gartner, PayPal, Mastercard and Apple.

Peter has founded nexxworks to help organizations innovate, thrive and become in fluid ‘The Day After Tomorrow’.

The Day After Tomorrow: How to survive in times of radical innovation

Customer focus or centricity has become essential for many businesses’ and organizations’ survival in the age of the customer and business disrupters. Service organizations need to reflect that. 

Yet being and staying customer focused can be hard when the challenges of everyday operation consume our minds. We tend to focus on today: our meetings, e-mails, tasks, and projects with deadlines closing in. We may also think about tomorrow: what is required to help our organization survive these disruptive times? It may even keep us up at night.

But who thinks about the day after tomorrow? What will organizations and customers need and expect by then? The truly great ones, the giants, think like that. They are the ones that dictate the market because they dare to envision The Day After Tomorrow.

Peter Hinssen will get you into their line of thinking. He will explain why most organizations need to adopt that kind of thinking themselves. And he will explain the role of the service organization in getting businesses ready for the day after tomorrow.