Renske van der Heide

Renske is the initiator of Worcade, a platform for better collaboration with your suppliers.

Improve the collaboration between customers and suppliers

During this presentation, Renske and Esther give you an exclusive look into the development process within TOPdesk. They show you the improvements they’re currently working on to ensure easy communication between customer and supplier.

More and more services are outsourced to suppliers or service providers these days. But there’s not always smooth collaboration and communication with these parties. Customers generally don’t want to grant a supplier access to their TOPdesk. On the other hand, suppliers don’t want to work in many different customer environments. So how do you make collaboration easy?

Are you and your supplier both working with TOPdesk? Or in different tools? Soon you can easily work together in both these situations. Esther and Renske are going to show you how.