Steve Brand

Steve Brand is the founder and principal consultant at SGSA and has thirty years of technical services experience.

Working with pioneering companies, Steve found that the successful implementation of AI, chatbots and self-service technologies requires the effective and consistent capturing, structuring and improving of knowledge.  The catch is that knowledge comes from people who typically believe that knowledge is power and therefore see no reason to give away their power without getting some reward.  Hence, increasing the return on investment of your knowledge initiatives must start with the people.

The Two Secrets to Increasing the Return on Investment of your Knowledge Initiatives

Fact: Most knowledge initiatives fail to achieve the return on the investment promised. In the first half of this session, Steve Brand will reveal the low-cost secrets to achieving sustainable Customer Success on the Web.

Evidence: Case Studies & Testimonials. The remainder of this session will be a presentation by Stéphane Pinault on the benefits realized by companies that have adopted the KCS practices and techniques.