Stijn van Balen

Stijn van Balen has a backgroud in start-up companies and AI. Currently, he’s head of the Datalab at Rijkswaterstaat, the organization responsible for all main infrastructure facilities in the Netherlands. Stijn gets excited when cutting edge technology really improves lives: fewer traffic jams, shorter response times for accidents or preventing a bridge getting stuck. Big data and AI help achieve such improvements.

Rijkswaterstaat has been working with data for two centuries . In an environment full of legacy, how do you leverage your expertise to stay on top of the latest developments?

Data driven succes, throughout the chain

Big Data is not a new phenomenon for Rijkswaterstaat. Long before the Internet of Things (IoT) become popular, Rijkswaterstaat used data from sensors from in and around highways, bridges, waterways and water systems.

Stijn van Balen sees big data as a necessity and a means to improve collaboration with other parties. With the rapidly increasing possibilities of AI comes the realization that big data doesn’t show more than what we choose to measure. Machine Learning only makes connections (or the lack thereof) in places where we choose to look. Sharing data between organizations as well as sharing creative approaches and innovative solutions is necessary for data driven success.

With this knowledge, Rijkswaterstaat looks at the suppliers they use for its main processes. In what ways can data help them perform better? Do they know the effect of their behaviour on the Dutch traffic jams, for example? Stijn van Balen tells you all about the successes, learned lessons in this discipline and his plans for the nearby future. An inspirational session that brings you ideas to work with!