Thomas Thunnissen

Thomas is an entrepreneur within a large company and has experience with innovation and process optimization. Getting people on board with change by appealing to their intrinsic motivation, that is his objective. “Let’s stop talking about Service Excellence and just do it. Service Excellence is a journey you go on, with all of the parties involved,” he says. The starting point is trust and a shared objective; once those have been established, you can then start working in a concrete, small-scale manner, step by step!

Smart Building is a fun hype, but how can you put it to good use?

Smart Building is a subject that has been making the rounds for years now, and yet there seem to be no solutions to it. Thomas helps us see what Smart Building can offer us at present, how to put it into practice, and how to prepare for what lies ahead.

What can data about the use of a building offer us? Thomas discusses several business cases supported by data, his experiences with implementations, and some aspects to consider. Questions are welcome!