Torbjørn Lussand

Torbjørn Lussand held various leadership positions at Norwegian oil major Equinor (former Statoil). The past 5 years he worked within Onshore Oil & Gas in USA, before moving into the Subsea division of Norwegian Continental Shelf. Here, he is responsible for both major subsea development projects and establishing a competitive aftermarket for operation and maintenance. In June 2017, Torbjørn was offered the position as CIO of Odfjell, being challenged to spearhead the digitalization efforts. He has a background in clearance diving for the Royal Norwegian Navy. A common theme has been to ensure flow efficiency and fix the “customer problem”.

Gapping the bridge: worldwide shared IT services and added value

Odfjell owns and operates chemical tankers and LPG/Ethylene carriers in global and regional trades as well as a joint venture network of tank terminals. The company is a global leader in transport and storage of bulk liquid chemicals products and edible oils. 

Digitizing and automating business processes at the scale of this company requires IT to be as effective and efficient as possible. They have to have the capacity to proactively adopt new technology and prepare the business for the transformation that is to come.

Leading his IT organization into the future, Torbjørn Lussand has committed to standardization, global shared services, standard integrations and automation. He is happy to share his successes, lessons learned, and his strategy in setting the bar for added value of IT.