Wisse Stenchlak

Wisse works as a New Business & Innovations Manager at HEYDAY. In this role, he brings parties together to start innovation, binds new customers and partners to HEYDAY and strengthens the HEYDAY brand in the markets.

Wisse likes to enter the stages himself as well to enthousiasm and connect others. His motto is: doing is the best way of thinking. For example, by traveling together with customers and colleagues to organisations where working innovations and solutions lower the absenteeism. Wisses’colleagues know hum as the ‘instigator’ of solutions within the specialism ‘empowered workspaces’.   

The Future Office Life

Each FM, HR or IT-professional should fire themselves in order to start working as a Community Manager, Employee Wellbeing Specialist, Productivity Increaser, Tech Wizard or Social Innovation Manager. Only then you are truly able to understand your role and can you know what is important in your organization. Integration is the magical word for a close community in an office building, just as in society. An ecosystem in miniature.

We make the shift from Smart Buildings to Empathic & Personalized Offices. In combination with social innovations we ensure that working becomes and experience. The real estate owner builds a brand instead of an office, with tenant and used as their audience. And experience beyond your imagination.